Production is art

The art is to create on time a functional and visiually attractive product. Let us create it for you.

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We know what to do to

keep your business grow

It is the presence on the Internet is crucial to the growth of your business. Grow in strength through us and our skillful creation of your image on the Web.


Feel free, relax and

leave everything to us

We would like you to have full confidence in us and leave everything in our hands to feel relaxed and safe


With us you will reach all

goals even those distant

Nothing is unattainable. Finding the right way is the key to success. With us you will reach the most distant goals.


Why we occured?

Crisis and stagnation raises the need for change a new look.
The need for fresh inspiration, so we created Studio RH +.





High quality

Crisis and stagnation raises the need for change, a new look. The need for fresh inspiration. So we created Studio RH+.

We are a young, vibrant, creative - production studio. We are not begginers. Studio RH + uses the sum of our experience, intense, continuous and long-term work in the advertising.

We make a good team of creative and people who like each other. We work in harmony and understanding, inspiring each other. Because we are one bloodstream we feel much more effective.

What we do?

We listen and empathize with the position of the client and therefore dynamically respond to their needs and execute them quickly.



User Interface


It's really not our fault that we feel best designing an efficient and intuitive Web interface.

We combine creativity, knowledge and aesthetic sensibility, through which we create attractive, transparent and functional pages and applications for you on the Internet.





Do you want to refresh your image? Create a new one? You expect a good graphic design? you've come to the right place.

We will create for you not only the design of logos, web pages, Visual Key, or advertising, but we will design a complete and consistent visual identity for your business.


& Communication

You want to promote, to be noticed, to get to the customer? Do not know how? We know!

We design and produce effective online campaigns, eye-catching ads, write a catchy slogans. We will open in front of you and provide you with social media.

How we work?

The project work can be divided into five stages:


Understanding your needs is our key to achieving your goals. At the beginning we have to, through the right questions, define precisely the task that you put before us.


Enriched with new knowledge, we are ready to segregate one or more parallel paths to achieve the common goal.


At this stage we materialize the vision that together we decided is the best. We create, design, present and serve.


The point at which a project that we create for you is functional being. The fully optimized in every detail.


The final product meets all your expectations and begins to function normally, bringing you a measurable and tangible benefits.

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